Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Look Back @ Pete & Pete - Wendall Hyde

The Adventures of Pete & Pete captured something about our childhood.  Maybe it was the somewhat helpless feeling of being a kid, maybe it was Mark Mulcahy's Polaris output serving as a backdrop, or maybe it was the cast of memorable, but offbeat characters.  Artie, The Strongest Man in the World, Nona's father (played by Iggy Pop), or Michael Stipe's Sludgcicle salesman all helped create the quirky fantasy-reality in which the show exists.  So did one Wendall Hyde, a young man who harbored dreams of becoming a star on the bar mitzvah circuit.  His lounge-y song stylings provide the backdrop for field trip where the collected high schoolers slowly become unhinged (some not so slowly).  The combination of frayed nerves and psyches topped off with Wendall's overzealous belting make the episode, "Yellow Fever", a memorable classic.  Expect future "Look Back" posts to keep covering Pete & Pete, high school music choices, and other things we want to wax nostaglic on.

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