Saturday, May 7, 2011

Andrew W.K. - My Destiny

Described as "the song which earned me a juvenile restraining order", Andrew W.K. plumbs the depths of teenage affection and obsession through sinister vocals and haunting organ.  Apparently released to the object of his affection by an unsympathetic (i.e. dick) school administrator, the somewhat rightly frightened girl went to the police, resulting in the aforementioned restraining order.  In a way, Andrew W.K. is just expressing what most teenagers have felt at one point or another, with the hyperbole that only a 17 year old can wield.  Enjoy this sorta creepy sorta touching ode to unrequited love, and be super glad that you're not in high school any more.  (Dear current high school readers, we're sorry, but it gets better).

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