Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BOMB Fest '011 - The New Pornographers

What a (non)controversial act to play BOMB Fest. If you ask me, being kicked out of a (overly) Christian college only adds to their street cred. Named for Jimmy Swaggart’s proclamation of rock and roll as “the new pornography”, the band’s star has consistently risen since we first saw them at All Points West in 2008. In fact, when we pieced together that they’d be playing before the lineup was even announced (Manic Mark can’t keep a secret), we were CERTAIN they’d be headlining. The rest of the lineup certainly didn’t let us down, bumping them to a late afternoon set, although scheduling Freelance Whales against the New Pornos is a crime against humanity. Any other time Freelance Whales would be a perfect opener, as their sound is complementary to the New Pornos, but I’ll get off my high horse and stop complaining.

Their latest LP Together has been their greatest chart success yet, however, my favorite albums will always be their last couple Twin Cinema and Challengers. Many a summer afternoon has been spent cruising Connecticut’s northwest hills blasting “Sing Me Spanish Techno” or “Unguided” or any of the superlative tracks off those LPs. That’s not to say Together is anything less than outstanding, but it suffers the same ‘problem’ as many artists’ newest albums, that I haven’t lived with the album as long. For your listening pleasure, check out the star-studded video for Together’s opener, “Moves”, as well as "Sing Me Spanish Techno" and their APW performance of "Challengers". This is a MUST see BOMB Fest performance (sorry Freelance Whales). Check them out Sunday at 5:10, see you there!

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