Friday, October 15, 2010

“When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading”

Henry Youngman had it right, as certainly there is much more to fear within the pages of a book than can be contained in a bottle.  Greetings all, and happy Friday!  We’ve got two shows on the docket for this weekend, bringing more of a classic rock vibe to Merry Picnic as opposed to our obscure indie slant.

Roger Waters brings his updated version of The Wall to the Hartford Civic Center tonight (eat it, XL Insurance) complete with the requisite inflatables, animations, and, of course, the wall itself.  I’ll be attending with my Roger Waters devotee uncle and a few other relatives for what’s sure to be an epic night of nostalgia and likely a last chance to see Waters live (if there’s any truth to his rumored retirement).  Embedded below is a highlight from the film version of The Wall, “Goodbye Blue Sky”, which contains some of the darkest, yet most appropriate animations ever put to music.

Saturday sees the always-fantastic Tower of Power coming to Wolf’s Den at Mohegan Sun, meaning one of the best venues in Connecticut is featuring one of the best live acts around.  Did we mention it’s free?  Embedded below is the more upbeat, but no less political “Only So Much Oil in the Ground”, a staple of Tower of Power setlists.

We’ll be back soon with a new Vintage Vinyl post and reviews of this weekend’s shows.  Use the comments to tell us what you’re up to this weekend, especially tonight with the glut of shows around the region (Beach Fossils in Hartford, Love Language in New Haven, Belle & Sebastian in Boston, AND Shakedown in Plainville?? Bah).  Good luck making your decision, and get outside before the leaves disappear, I know we’ll be.

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