Sunday, October 10, 2010

Review: We Are Scientists and The Octopus Project 10/9

The Octopus Project
Combining the We Are Scientists and The Octopus Project shows was the best idea ever. (Thanks, Manic Productions!) Because we just saw We Are Scientists last month at I Am Fest, we were actually going to choose The Octopus Project over We Are Scientists when they were originally going to play Cafe Nine, but this worked out perfectly. Both bands, plus Jerkagram from Bridgeport, put on a great show at Daniel Street in Milford on Saturday night - a  perfect match-up of headliners.

Jerkagram, a guitar-drum duo, had some interesting, inventive, purely instrumental rock and made for a cool opener. 

Yvonne Lambert from The Octopus Project playing the theremin.
The Octopus Project put on quite the show with neon-taped speakers, rotating lights and a neat projector show behind a cool polar-bear-ghost-Zorro-type thing next to the drums. They played some of their awesome songs from Hello, Avalanche and One Ten Hundred Thousand Million like "I Saw the Bright Shinies" and "The Adjustor" and rocked it with the very familiar "Truck." They combined Mac-produced music with live instrumentation - including a theremin! Before the last song, they said they were ending their "outerspace experience," which is a really good way to describe what we all just saw.

We Are Scientists
We Are Scientists were awesome as usual. Though this was a much smaller crowd than I Am Fest, I think it was a case of quality over quantity - I saw a lot of people singing along to every lyric. They looked like they were having a lot of fun, and how could they not?

Here is the We Are Scientists set list (which I was able to see from the side of the stage and copy):
You could see the setlist from where I was standing.
The Scene is Dead
I Don't Bite
Let's See It
Rules Don't Stop
Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
Nice Guys
Chick Lit
It's a Hit
The Great Escape
Break It Up
Jack & Ginger
After Hours


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