Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oct. 15 - The day of choices. Beach Fossils vs. The Love Language

What are you doing to us, Oct. 15? You're worse than in July when we had to choose between The Flaming Lips and Modest Mouse (The Flaming Lips won that time, duh), or September between I Am Fest and The Zombies (I Am Fest was a clear winner there, too)! This time, Oct. 15, you're a Friday, and we already have other plans, and now we have to choose between two awesome shows to end the night. What's a Connecticut fan to do?

Beach Fossils - from their MySpace page
First, I just found out today about Beach Fossils playing at the Arch Street Tavern in Hartford. Also in the lineup are local favorites M.T. Bearington and Ghostwaves. Beach Fossils was on our playlist a lot this summer, with their very surfer, dreamy indie pop sound. I can totally go for a little summer in the middle of October.

The show, a Hartford Party Starters Union event, starts at 9, and tickets are $8, or $5 if you have a Hartford Party Starters Union T-shirt (I should get one of those). Great bar specials as well - $2 pints and $6 pitchers.What an all-around incredible deal!

Here's the Facebook event link for Beach Fossils:!/event.php?eid=161860367173700

The Love Language - from their MySpace page
That same night, Manic Productions is bringing The Love Language to Lilly's Pad, upstairs from Toad's Place. Joining them are Pomegranates, The Woulda Coulda Shoudas, and Even Artichokes Have Hearts. We've been listening to a lot of The Love Language, whom Garrett described in his October events post as "Raleigh-based indie rockers ... who are currently on the rise after playing North Carolina’s inaugural Hopscotch Festival." He even said, "Their current LP, Libraries, is one of 2010’s best releases, making this a can’t miss show at Lilly’s Pad." The show starts at 7:30, and I was told The Love Language should be going on around 10:30. Tickets are $10, $8 in advance.

Here's the Facebook event page:!/event.php?eid=124228657629435

So maybe some of you understand our dilemma and heartbreak from having to choose. But wait, there's more to our tragic story!

Garrett's already going to see Roger Waters playing "The Wall" at the XL Center that very night. Also, I have a law fraternity thing at 7. Sooo we're probably going to try to make it to Beach Fossils after the first of our Friday night events (since Garrett will be in Hartford anyway, and for me, it's the later of the two shows). But New Haven's closer to Hamden, where I will be starting from.

Whichever you choose, you're sure to have a good time, so if you're making it to the show I'm missing, I'm jealous. And If you're going to see the one I end up going to, maybe I'll see you there!

- Freesia

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