Sunday, June 19, 2011

Roger Waters - Brain Damage (acoustic)

Disclaimer: "The Gunner's Dream" is my favorite Floyd tune. Sorry Gilmour devotees.

The Dark Side of the Moon marked both an end and beginning for Pink Floyd. Having moved on from Syd Barrett's departure through a series of collaborative and eclectic sounding albums, they reached their collective zenith with the one-two punch of Meddle and Dark Side. However, beginning with Wish You Were Here, the band became less of a team effort and more Waters-led. The old school fans take umbrage to this, believing Waters' egomania to largely bring about their downfall and breakup. Personally, as a Waters fan, the trilogy of Waters' penned albums Animals, The Wall, and The Final Cut are among Floyd's best, and this acoustic take on "Brain Damage" gives some insight into what earlier tracks might have sounded like on those later albums. There's a degree of restraint that would be a perfect sonic fit for The Final Cut, bringing more feeling and finesse than Gilmour's later albums. Check it out, embedded below.

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