Friday, April 1, 2011

This pie's so good it is a crime...

Last year for April Fool's, mc chris posted a song to his website chronicling the cult television drama Twin Peaks.  I'm currently watching the series for a second time, and loving it just as much as the first.  I find myself drawn back to that small town in the Pacific Northwest, wondering "Who killed Laura Palmer?" like many did in the early 90s.  The song manages to pack almost 30 hours of story into its three and a half minutes, sampling Angelo Badalamenti's gripping score, including the show's theme "Falling" and the "Love Theme" motif used for the late Miss Palmer.  See a tribute video set to the song embedded below and partial lyrics listing the numerous eccentric/scheming denizens of the seemingly bucolic town.  At one point or another they were all suspects in the murder.  In reality, they were almost all guilty of their own crimes, the discovery of which is half the fun of watching (and re-watching) the series.

Was it Audrey, oh so tawdry, freshly squeezed little tease?
Was it the baddie, Audrey's daddy, busy buying twin peaks?
Was it Leland, his attorney, always straightening his tie?
Was it Norma? She's a killer I'm still waitin' for pie.

Was it Jacoby? He's an oldie; used to run with the gangs.
Was it Harold Smith, or was his crime that he's just lame?
Was it Donna, the elitist, packin' peaches for James?
Was it Bobby Briggs? I think it is; keep hearin' his name.

Was it Leo? He's a creepo and his ponytail is evil,
And he got a lot of screen time in the unpopular prequel.
This detective got diminished so they could finish with Kiefer,
But I saw Kristen Davis naked; she got fish in her beaver. (What?)

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