Monday, March 28, 2011


Sorry I couldn't think of a more clever title, but if you weren't aware, the new Fleet Foxes has been leaked to the blagosphere.  It's getting uploaded to Mediafire just about as fast as it's getting taken down, but that's just a testament to how excited fans are for the folky baroque-rockers' second album.  Admittedly, there are more issues with this leak than others, namely several skips (sounding like the needle being lifted and replaced on a LP) on the first track, "Montezuma".  But what we've heard of that song only makes us want to hear the rest.  On first listen, standouts include "Battery Kinzie" which, along with "Montezuma" hearken back to their self-titled debut, but with a richer, more proficient sound.  A more minimalist approach is taken on "Blue Spotted Tail", featuring little else than finger-picked guitar and frontman Robin Pecknold's delicate vocals.

We eagerly await the album's official release May 3rd, along with some better quality files, but this will certainly do until then.  Embedded below are the studio version of "Battery Kinzie" and what seems to be a early (but no less poignant) demo of "Blue Spotted Tail".  Good luck acquiring the leak, and enjoy! A good friend once said after I introduced him to Fleet Foxes, "I couldn't stop smiling."  I hope that proves true for you.

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