Sunday, February 6, 2011

No, the blog is not defunct

...Just dormant, but getting better!

As of this writing, my iTunes shows 12740 songs.  I'm not proud. Or tired. (name that tune?)  In the interest of writing further about our day-to-day soundtrack, we'll be pulling a song every so often to share here.  It could be a classic, brand new, or a forgotten gem, but we hope you enjoy them.

Our first song of the day is cut off the Diga Rhythm Band's sole album, simply entitled Diga.  Made up of the Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia and Mickey Hart along with percussion fixture Zakir Hussain, this instrumental guitar/percussion track is an early instrumental version of the Dead staple, "Fire on the Mountain".  "Happiness is Drumming" provides the base for what would become a classic jam, complete with Garcia's bright, lilting guitar and Hart and Hussain's percussive magic.  Enjoy below, and expect a new vintage vinyl (and more songs of the day) later this week.

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